Specialised Children’s Dentistry
with Dr. Inge Dorman

Dr. Inge Dorman | Paediatric Dentist

Stainless Steel Crowns

Some cavities in children’s teeth are too large or too deep so a filling will no longer be effective. In these cases, a children’s crown known as a stainless steel crown can be used. These are silver in colour and pre-made allowing them to cover the entire tooth. Children’s crowns typically last for the life of the deciduous tooth (baby tooth) and will protect the tooth and root until it is naturally lost. It is important to safeguard all the baby teeth so that the chances of crowding in the permanent dentition are minimised.

The crown is usually placed without anaesthetic or the need to drill the tooth. This is known as the Hall technique. Dr Inge usually fits the crown over two appointments. In the first appointment Dr Inge will place a little orthodontic elastic band between the teeth to create adequate space. At the second appointment the tooth is cleaned of food debris and the crown is placed over it with a special cement. Dr Inge will discuss the options with you in order to decide what is the best for your child so their new crown will feel good and allow them to eat without discomfort. Once the crown is in place, we’ll help your child establish a tailor made hygiene routine to make sure it stays clean and healthy long term.

Pulpotomy (children’s root canal)

If you are looking for an experienced kids dentist in Dublin then we can help. The first treatment decision in young patients with one or more badly decayed baby teeth is whether to retain or extract these teeth. In most cases milk teeth can be saved by performing a pulpotomy with Dr Inge. This is a method which removes infected nerve tissue in the crown of a tooth while the healthy nerve in the root remains.

After a pulpotomy, the tooth will require structural support and a tight seal that protects the tooth from bacteria. This is achieved by a stainless steel crown which Dr Inge Dorman is usually able to provide on the same visit.

Why choose us for your child’s root canal treatment?

Dr Inge Dorman has over 17 years paediatric dentist experience, including a Masters in Paediatric Dentistry. At Templeogue Dental we continue to provide the very best in affordable dental care, including our children’s dental procedures.

Fluoride Varnish

Our mouth contains bacteria that feed on the sugars in the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. This produces acid that can wear away the hard outer shell of a tooth (enamel). This can lead to cavities. Fluoride varnish protects teeth by making them teeth stronger and more resistant to acid. This reduces the risk of cavities and helps to reverse the early signs of decay.

Who should have fluoride varnish?

  • Children with a history of cavities
  • Children with crowns
  • Children with orthodontic appliances or braces

At Templeogue Dental our paediatric dental team will recommend the right amount of fluoride varnish for your child as well as scheduling regular check ups to ensure everything stays healthy.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial liquid that treats cavities in a non-invasive, fast, affordable and painless manner. It is composed of two primary components: silver and fluoride. Silver acts as an antimicrobial agent that strengthens the underlying protective layer (dentine) of your child tooth. Fluoride is the active ingredient that puts a stop to tooth decay and helps prevent additional decay from appearing. SDF helps harden the tooth structure softened by decay and keeps the affected teeth stable until Dr Inge can determine if further action is necessary. The main downside of SDF is that it leaves a black stain on the damaged cavity portion of the tooth which remains until the tooth falls out on its own.

What is the next step?

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