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Routine Care

Adult Dental Exam: Check health of teeth & gums, full mouth cancer screen, photographic records if required, written treatment plan and estimate50
Scale and Polish with PRSI Dental Exam (once per calender year)15
Scale and Polish including Exam (private/medical card)75
Pain appointment +/- Prescription60
Children's Dental Exam45
Children's Exam and Clean up to 12 years60
Secondary student Exam and Clean65
Digital X ray10


Tooth coloured fillings (composite resin)80 - 135
Silver fillings (amalgam)80 - 120
Fissure sealant per tooth30

Root Canal

One rooted tooth400
Two rooted tooth500
Three rooted tooth600


Routine Extractions100 - 130
Surgical Extractions150 - 190

Crown and Bridgework

Ceramic Crown (metal free)850
Tooth Coloured Crown850
Post & Core for Crown150 - 200
Porcelain Veneer675
Conventional Bridge650 (per unit)

Orthodontics - Invisalign (Eligible for further 20% reduction from Med 2 tax relief)

Invisalign single arch3000
Invisalign dual arch - Includes all aligners, a course whitening and a set of removable retainers at end of treatment 3500 -3995
Invisalign Vivera retainers ( 3 sets upper and lower retainers)400
Bonded retainer per arch150


Crown recement95
Tooth whitening Home Kit300
Sports Mouthguard (customised)90
Night Guard (hard/soft)210
Non surgical periodontal (gum) treatment per quadrant120