Professional Fee Guide – effective 25th May 2020. Fee in Euro  €

Routine Care

Adult Dental Exam: Check health of teeth & gums, full mouth cancer screen, photographic records if required, written treatment plan and estimate50
Scale and Polish with PRSI Dental Exam (once per calender year)15
Scale and Polish including Exam 80
Pain appointment +/- Prescription75
Children's Dental Exam50
Children's Exam and Clean up to 12 years65
Secondary student Exam and Clean70
Digital X ray10


Tooth coloured fillings (composite resin)small €128,
medium €148
large €160
Silver fillings (amalgam)small €128
medium €148
large €160
Fissure sealant per tooth35

Root Canal

One rooted tooth400
Two rooted tooth500
Three rooted tooth600

Removal of tooth

Routine Extraction135
Surgical Extraction150 - 190

Crown and Bridgework

Ceramic Crown (metal free)850
Tooth Coloured Crown850
Post & Core for Crown150 - 200
Porcelain Veneer675
Conventional Bridge650 (per unit)

Orthodontics - Invisalign (Eligible for further 20% reduction from Med 2 tax relief)

Invisalign single arch3000
Invisalign dual arch - Includes all aligners, a course whitening and a set of removable retainers at end of treatment 3500 -3995
Invisalign Vivera retainers ( 3 sets upper and lower retainers)400
Bonded retainer per arch150


Crown recement100
Tooth whitening -Home kit and custom trays300
Sports Mouthguard (customised)90
Night Guard (hard/soft)210
Please note failure to attend fees apply to uncancelled appointments