Clinic Covid 19 Patient information

From 18th May we will be able to undertake more routine dental care.  Please see below for some of the additional safety measures we are implementing.

Patients will be triaged on the phone or email prior to arrival and will be asked to cofirm that they have not been in contact with a confirmed/ suspected case of Covid-19 in the previous 14 days. You will also be asked if you have any symptoms such as but not limited to  fever, cough or shortness of breath.

Unfortunately if you have answered yes to any of the above your appointment will be rescheduled for  14 days or until you have been tested and cleared by your GP.

Please come alone to your appointment. Under 16s may bring one accompanying  parent.

Your ear temperature will be taken upon arrival to ensure it is below 38C. Staff temperatures are also being taken everyday.

You will be asked to sanitize your hands with alcohol sanitizer provided.

Before treatment patients will be asked to rinse for 30 seconds with a 3% hydrogen peroxide mouthrinse. This is to reduce the bacterial and viral load in the mouth prior to treatment.

Social distancing will be followed throughout the practice.

Our waiting room is cleared of magazines and toys to prevent cross contamination.

The staff will be wearing more ppe ( surgical cap, gown, visor and respirators/ FFP2 masks during surgery times) so please dont be alarmed! Its to ensure we are following the highest levels of cross infection control that are possible. As well as the highest disinfection of everything in the surgery room , all surfaces are disinfected in between patient visits (handles/waiting room chair/ credit card machine, pen, clipboard etc).

At Templeogue Dental we will be using rubber dam for most dental treatments. The dam will isolate the area we are working on and minimise any chance of cross infection.

We will lengthen appointment duration to minimise patient crossover where possible. This will unfortunately mean longer waiting times for your appointment but it will ensure the safety of our patients and staff and our families. Please bear with us while we accommodate the two months backlog of treatments.

Appointments booking protocol has changed: Appointments can only be made via either telephone or email and in advance  – this will minimise unnecessary social interactions. Please call (01) 5510050 or email